Heart of Gold


“Walk the Turtle” 3/6/2017


There are certain turning points we face in life; life and death situations will enter our reality and we, as spiritual beings, are forever changed to answer the call to the visions foreseen.

Truths and deceptions become revealed, unconditional love and our faith will be tested as we come to grips with what is best for ourselves, knowing we must do what is right and let go. Inside our heart is a flow of energy that transmits a frequency and vibration that can be received by someone that we are spiritually connected to, this type of communication is soul felt.

We must understand our time and life is very fragile and limited, we are given one shot in this world to become what we were created to be, some may be given a second chance to live.

Let us as human beings breathe the life of love, and inhale the strength and warmth of humanity, as we hold someone we love and care about close to our hearts and pray they do what’s right.

Walk the turtle each day making the right choices and decisions in your life, this will lead you down the paths that will eventually transform your spirit into a wise soul with a heart of gold.


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