His Hand Holds Our Hearts


“Walk the Turtle” 9/30/2019

Signatures of our spiritual energies felt during the embracing of memories and sorrows are spun inside the mind, as our perceptions of how and why things happen remain a mystery upon our heart and soul. Only God knows.

Creating connections ordained by the Divine and the recognition of His hand within the fate and destiny formed and orchestrated by His grace are the elements of thought, within the truth of faith, and the belief of guidance heard inside the whispers of silence and solitude.

Distance of travel is infinite to our purpose, as is our depths of a dream held by visions given by His supernatural power, as we achieve higher levels in the realms of our eternal journey—to exist with the ability to love forever.

A kind gesture is felt like a warm kiss of compassion, when we look up to the heavens and smile with thankfulness, as a tear of deep happiness flows out of a heartbroken angel.

Walk the turtle with acceptance of change and humility toward new beginnings knowing your strengths through prayer are gifts of favor by our Savior, His hand holds our hearts.

I thank God for my Brittany and Justine’s love.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay