Ho Ho Ho, Pirate’s Back!

It is my habit to check the dogs available at our shelter on Sunday night, and think about all of the sweet little beings I will have the opportunity to work with on Monday.

I was a bit dismayed, though, when I saw that one of my favorite pups had been returned.

pirate dog

It is so sad when this happens. The dog is confused, and often depressed, to find the home he was enjoying and the bed he had been cuddling up in has been replaced with the concrete walls of a pen, and no one except for the caretakers to make him feel special.

I think we all need to feel as though we matter, and that in someone’s eyes we are truly unique and cherished.

Now, Pirate, he is a different sort of dog. He is the eternal optimist and when I talked to our front office manager, she said that he was overjoyed to see her. And I have to say, with not a bit of modesty, Pirate was extremely pleased to see me, too.

We had a lovely walk and ‘meet and greet’ on the curb of the Edison Access Road. He was full of licks and happy bounces when I sat down and fussed over him.

From the little notch in his ear (for a pirate’s earring no doubt) to his little snaggle-toothed grin, he is a delight!

He is so deserving of a forever home and I truly hope that wish comes true for Christmas and the holiday season. Pirate deserves a stocking filled with biscuits, a bed to warm, and a lap to snuggle in.


This was a day of surprises and some delight for me, too, and I’d like to share this smile with you.

I was walking down the aisle of the kennel, after working with Pirate, to choose another sweet little dog to walk. We shared a lot of mutual hugging and I noticed how silky his fur was and what a sweet disposition he had.

Anyway, upon walking him back to his pen, I noticed an older lady looking at the dogs and asked her if she had anything special in mind. She shared with me that she had recently lost her little dog and wanted to find another dog to rescue.

The dog she described was very much like the little guy I had just walked, so guess what?! I scooped up the pup and said, “This one is really special, how about him?”

I can honestly say they both fell in love at that instant and she walked into the shelter to start the adoption process–made my day!

The fact is we now have so many dogs that need to be taken out of the shelter and placed in loving homes. 48 at last count.

Please think about Pirate and the other dogs that need rescuing. I promise they will thank you every single day of their lives!


Please do share this ‘tail’ with anyone who might be interested in rescuing a new best friend.