How to Style Tie Dye

Whether you create the tie-dyed garments on your own or you purchase them, tie dye is having a moment again. After receiving attention on the latest season of Project Runway, many fashionistas are stocking up on garments that have received this fabric treatment. Before you deck yourself out in head-to-toe starburst designs, it’s important to consider how best to wear your new tie-dyed garment.  Here are tips on how to best style tie dye and avoid looking like you’re wearing a costume. 

Accessorize with Tie Dye

When you don’t want to make too big of a splash, or if your office is more formal than most tie dye garments, consider accessorizing with tie dye. A cute tie dye tote or fun tie dye socks can jazz up your outfit – and make great conversation pieces. 

Layer Tie Dye with Denim

A denim jacket and some jeans in a contrasting denim can make for a cute outfit. If you go this route, be sure that your jacket, tie dye piece, and jeans compliment and contrast with each other. This can look especially sharp if you choose dark denim jeans and a colored denim jacket or denim moto jacket. 

Go for a Tie-Dyed Statement Piece

Sometimes, it’s better to make a big statement – and what better way to do it by choosing a tie-dyed dress or trench coat. If you go this route, it’s best to go monochromatic. Coordinate the rest of your outfit around your statement piece, and you’ll not only look on-trend, you’ll look put together. 

Choose White or Khaki 

Tie dye looks sharp when it’s paired with white or khaki. Try pairing tie dye with white cargos or a khaki maxi skirt. Style the top with a French tuck and simple, neutral accessories. It’s a great weekend wear or work-from home look that is both put-together and now. 

Switch Things Up

Instead of going with a tie dye shirt or hoodie, do something unexpected – choose a pair of shorts or pants that have been tie-dyed or select a blazer with tie dyed features. To keep looking sharp, you’ll want to pair the item with neutrals – think black, tan, gray, navy, white – and simple accessories. 

Try a Buttoned-Up Look

Rather than wear your traditional white or light blue button-down, opt for a tie-dyed version of this classic. Pair it with jeans or a nice pair of slacks. With the jeans, you’ll want to wear some white sneakers, but with the slacks, wear heels or a nice pair of loafers. Throw on a neutral blazer to pull it all together for an impromptu meeting or presentation. 

Consider Overalls

Overalls, overall shorts, and jumpsuits are also back in-style. In order to keep from looking like you fell out of the late 1980s, it’s important to choose fit and accessories carefully. Watch out for neon colors, overalls or jumpsuits that are too baggy, and the wash of the denim. Your best bet is to go with a darker color denim for brighter colors – or if you’re feeling bold, choose a tie-dyed jumpsuit and keep your accessories neutral. 

Try a More Tailored Look

Pairing tie dye with a suit can be both tailored and fashionable. Whether you’re pairing a crewneck with a traditional blazer and slack or you’re putting together a pencil skirt and vest with a button-down, you’ll want to keep the tailored suit well-fitting and in neutral colors to pull the look off.  

Have Fun with the Fad

The most important part of any trend is that you have fun while wearing it. While some people will be comfortable wearing head-to-toe tie dye, others will be more comfortable with an accessory like a scarf or a t-shirt under a denim jacket or anorak. How will you wear your tie dye this season?