Humble and Thankful



A wandering mind carries wonder of what will be, it gives vision and focus to dreams and desires inside the heart, insight of events foreseen unveil as time unfolds.

People we meet and those we connect with become meshed with our thoughts and emotions, we are affected by choices others make without care or remorse.

Each lesson we learn by those placed in our journey of life is a significant element required for our development of character, we must absorb each experience felt.

Some moments of anguish and sorrow we embrace along with those moments of laughter and love, hold some close to our soul as others we keep at arms length.

Building blocks of our spiritual foundation are placed upon our intimate and sacred internal space, everlasting life is given to each of us that realize the truth.

As we walk the turtle with bravery and courage to follow the guidance of our consciousness, using the healing power of prayer, we become humble and thankful.


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