I Am an Idea Machine Now, Can I Start Making?

Great question—well put, glad you asked.

Design is important. 

Pre-production is an essential part of any production process, this includes the design stage. Just like the car industry, you need to know what you are making before you make it.

You have in writing what your world looks like; you even have character descriptions and breakdowns. You know everything about this project and how it is supposed to look and you love it.

Great! That is perfect! What about the friends and family helping you?


  1. Google costume design templates.
  2. Research story boarding
  3. Find images close to what you imagine.

I can’t draw.

Yes, you can. It may only be stick figures but it is something! Start to create a visual board, something you can look at and say, “That is what it should look like.”

You can have cutouts from magazines, printed pictures from the internet, ANYTHING as long as it creates your world for others to see.

O.K I can see where that would be useful.

Every step is forward momentum, if you’re not moving forward you are moving backwards.

“What if I just stand still?”

Standing still is moving backwards. Time and trends march on without you, your amazing idea gets done by someone else. It becomes irrelevant and times move away from your idea being important. So getting those visuals is super important.

I am starting to build a freaking book of stuff now.

Yes, you are; this is your show bible. This is the entire thing in one easy to reach handy place, this is the Holy Grail. This is the thing you reach for when someone asks you:

“That sounds interesting, how does that work?”

People actually said that to me!!! What now?

Now you make something, you get a camera and some friends and you make a teaser. You put together the best bits of the idea and you make people want the whole thing. 

A trailer, a concept video, a proof of idea…whatever you want to call it, you make it. You tell people you are making it, you bring people into your world and get them excited to see your idea come to life. No one cares about the project you made, they won’t get excited to see what is already done. The ride is over, it is a one and done show.

Get out among the people and say…

“I am making something for you… Love me!”

Erm… Dude, you good?

It sounds extreme I know, but a project with an attached audience is more valuable than the best screenplay on the planet. You have a masterpiece but no one knows you are making it, it comes out…

See what happened there?

If your audience are with you for the ride, if they feel like they have a vested interest in this project, they will bring others along. Your idea suddenly becomes their idea; it becomes part of them, they are eager to see it. They want to pay to see it come to life; they cannot possibly live without seeing this amazing idea “they” are building with you come to life… 

And now my friend… People are talking about your idea, that crazy thought you had at 4 AM. People are actively trying to make it with you, trying to give you that push to get it out. 

You just made a name for yourself… You just got a sit down meeting with an executive producer, who’s brother’s sister in-law’s uncle heard about your project.

It was a lot of work and it took time but…

You’re a freaking wizard Harry!

  • Jonathan Thompson – Devil May Care Productions

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