Illusions of Time Brought to Light


Walk the Turtle 🐢 Column by Michael D Aloia 7-6-2021

A cascade of churning elements intertwined by fractal vibrations may consume the infinite space of our minds, engulfing it with the creation of thought processes screaming through a multiple vortex of emotions which become transformed into many layers of feelings held in an abyss of serenity and love.

Heartfelt impressions given by empathy and understanding remain alive within the boundaries of our subconscious desires and dreams. Engaged by traumatic experience, it changes our course along the way as we embrace the impulse of guidance heard by the cries of the human spirit and soul.

Illusions of time are brought into light as our hands caress the touch of life. Our pondering intuition filters out the negative fields of development and occupies the center of our existing experience as we breathe the oxygen and sleep.

Walk the turtle with belief in hope and grace as we allow peace to reign inside the complexity of simplicity. Open our eyes to the majestic kiss of truth and purpose as we strive toward the highest level of wisdom and knowledge and become completely woven into the fabric of God’s universe. ✝

Love you Justine 💕

Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash