In God-Presence


“Walk the Turtle” 12/19/2016


A significance to our desires and visions is understood by the signs placed upon us during our journey in this life, we will eventually awaken to our purpose.

Certain aspects of events that unfold before our eyes will illuminate the spirit and soul, feelings of shame, guilt, and regret must be removed in order to go forward.

We each are under construction and development inside our hearts as we begin to realize the complete truth of love and compassion for our fellow human being.

As each year passes and the seasons change we become aware that our bodies are not immortal, time is just an illusion, our spirit is eternal, our mind is powerful.

Thoughts of times gone and memories that fade away become locked inside the heart only to resurface in moments when we are becoming renewed and tested.

As we walk the turtle in faith, knowing the divine power of grace and peace within ourselves, we notice a glimmer of light when hope fills our life with God-Presence.


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