Indie Films World—New OTT Platform for Independent Filmmakers–Kicks Off a Star-Studded Launch with a Celebration at Club Nebula in NYC


The Red Carpet and Launch Party at Club Nebula were filled with celebrities, models, actors, filmmakers, and directors ready to celebrate Indie Films World (IFW) a one-stop Over the Top (OTT) Platform for the new world of entertainment in streaming movies, web series, live TV, TV shows, podcasts, and much more. In collaboration with Unstoppable Domains, global press covering the event included but was not limited to, the following: CBS, TV Asia, Jus Punjabi, Chance TV, and The Indian Eye, among others.

IFW is dedicated to providing content that is unique, dynamic, and difficult to find.

 What’s the Deal?

Best of all, members can watch on-demand or select an affordable plan.

Monthly Plan: $3.99 per month

Yearly Plan: $24.99 per year

TVOD: Customers can pay-per-view without subscribing to any plan

Free: Customers can view few free contents without subscribing to any plan

Something for Everyone

Genres: Action, Horror/Thriller, Comedy, Drama, Short, Documentary, Web Series

Premium Films:

The Elevator: Award-Winning Film Starring Oscar Nominee Eric Roberts and

Recipient of Three Awards for Best Film, Best Actor (Eric Roberts), and Best Director

“The Elevator” takes audiences on an emotional journey when a seemingly exciting birthday weekend quickly evolves into one family’s biggest fear when their dad goes missing after stopping by the office that morning (based on TRUE events).

A Murder of Innocence: Based on a true story, a community is rocked by a double homicide, and the police struggle to find the killer. The resident pastor helps his town overcome the aftershocks while his wife comes to grips with fear through her faith.

Blood & Oil: A small Nigerian village without drinkable water, sustainable farming or fishing has oil. Based on true events, the violent havoc that ensued between the militants and the government due to greed has a ripple effect on the global oil industry.

Attention Filmmakers

Filmmakers can contact the Contents Acquisition Team:

For general questions, email:


How long does it take until a film is available? 2-3 weeks

What services are provided in format conversion? MP4, 2K, 4K

What is the benefit to place here? Greater visibility and many more benefits—in 2 weeks, filmmakers can start making money on TVOD.

What are the costs and any profit-sharing to place? There is NO COST to placing the movie. Best of all, filmmakers receive 55% profit.

 Modi on a Mission

 Award-Winning Indian-American Filmmaker and Director Mukesh Modi’s release of “The Elevator,” starring Oscar-nominated Eric Roberts and Eugenia Kuzmina debuted in theatres on streaming platforms with a successful release, but more importantly, Modi realized a major gap in the process that oftentimes leaves filmmakers at a loss from distribution to return on investment. While studios have been backlogged with a long list of films to be released, independent filmmakers are finding themselves at a deficit between securing distribution, financing, placement/release, and giving away a significant percentage of return to a streaming service—resulting in a fruitless waiting game, pain-staking process, and upside-down investment.

As an industry innovator, Modi decided to BE the change by launching a widely successful streaming service—Indie Films World (IFW)—that not only creates a no-nonsense solution for independent filmmakers, but also a portal for the latest and top-rated variety of films for audiences who have grown tired of the same collection of films available on mainstream platforms.

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