Individual Destiny


“Walk the Turtle” 7/16/2017


The consistence of balance inside our soul is felt as we search for understanding to our spiritual significance while listening to heart rhythms.

Inside the depths of unconditional admiration for the creative mind’s eye shows the visions of what will be through the lens of our inner being.

As we wander through the wilderness, untamed thoughts aligned by unseen forces guide us toward a unique purpose of true grace in peace.

Simplicity to the complex will harness our flesh in order to allow the essentials of redemption into freedom and a time for human salvation.

Perseverance and preservation of hope held by the hand of the almighty is given to the children of all generations, to hold our integrity close.

Walk the turtle with confidence knowing that whatever storm we face or whoever appears in our life it is all connected to individual destiny.


*photo credit:

Photo by Meiying Ng on Unsplash


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