Indoor Plants That Are Easy Keepers

Indoor Plants That Are Easy Keepers


Having plants around can help reduce stress and remove toxins from the air. And adding a splash of green is a great way to decorate without overloading your space with art.

Though your home might not be the ideal spot for a sprawling rose bush, there are plenty of ways to perk up your place with plants — as long as you choose the right ones and style them accordingly.

Looking for something that’s easy to care for? Here are the best plants when your place is:

Low light: Have a room that doesn’t see the sun? Aglaonema plants can actually adapt to fluorescent lights, making them perfect for windowless properties. The low-maintenance ZZ plant is also a great low-light choice.

Hot and humid: Hardy succulents and aloe plants are best for warmer spots like above the radiator. Craving some natural elements in your bathroom? Ferns will thrive in the damp air.

Chilly and dark: Snake plants can hold up in cold conditions and do fine in low-light situations, too. Clivias like chilly conditions and are one of the few flowering plants that work well in cool, shady spaces. Keep in mind, without access to some sun, they might not flower.

Super sunny: Jade is perfect for windowsills and anywhere with lots of direct sunlight. In fact, they need four hours of it a day to thrive. Cacti and umbrella plants also appreciate lots of sun.

To help give the appearance of a larger space, vary the heights of your plants and where you place them. To incorporate plants with your existing decor, use a pot that coordinates with your color palette. Have an awkward corner you want to fill? A houseplant in a quirky or geometric planter makes those tricky spots more dynamic.

Want help finding a new home for your plant life? Reach out anytime.

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