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More Than Just an Indie Record Label


Years ago, when hip-hop emerged as a radical form of music, few would have envisioned its universal popularity and its multi-cultural and generational crossover appeal. Though some may disagree, hip-hop has slowly segued into all genres of music. As a Brooklyn native whose first Billboard hit was a country record, hybrid music producer and SONY/ATV songwriter Automatic has always believed in creative versatility and has built his multi-genre company InRage Entertainment based on his ability to diversify his sound in production.

With K-pop World Billboard records under his belt, Automatic is at the forefront of introducing his cadre of recording artists to a global audience. “We want to create good music that celebrates not only a diversity of sound but music that transcends all nationalities, ages, and cultures.”

Automatic worked with, learned from and developed artists for three of the biggest producers in the world, Grammy-winning producers Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis (Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Sounds of Blackness) and Rick Rubin (Jay-Z, Kanye West, Eminem, Lady Gaga, Ed Sheeran, Bieber) which led to his deal with Sony/ATV. Automatic still uses the techniques he learned from them while developing the artists signed to InRage (Autumn Cymone, Loomis, Soto, and The Krash, James Barmore, Sirena, ZorDonofDoom, James Manning). He has since received his own Grammy nominations and has created music with major label artists including P!nk, Christina Aguilera, James Brown, Twice, Kim Junsu and Cher. inragethe-vanderveers2

The growing InRage family is being built by Automatic’s wife and musical partner Ebony, p/k/a Auntie Bone, a SONY songwriter and vocal coach to InRage’s artists. As a team, The Vanderveers co-write and co-produce all of InRage’s music and they also create for major-label and independent artists. This collaboration has made them a much sought-after songwriting and production team. Prior to joining the InRage family, Executive Director of A&R, Blackbird has been a private celebrity coach and triple-threat mentor. Blackbird has worked with dancers, actors and recording artists including Jennifer Hudson, Will Ferrell, Backstreet Boys, Selena Gomez and Jason Derulo.

inrageblackbirdIn a style similar to Motown, InRage Entertainment collaborates with their artists to create a unique sound for each of their artists on par with any major label. While music stands at the center of its growth, plans for expansion into film, technology, and fashion are already in the works for InRage. With The Vanderveers at the helm, there is no doubt it will be successful. | Socials: @InRageEnt | E: