Internal Guidance


“Walk the Turtle” 8/31/2015


As the sun rises each morning we awaken to the breeze of new winds; we travel forward in time as we seek the simple understandings of this journey we call life.

A kind, compassionate heart has deep, powerful intuition that draws us toward the unknown and often positions us to face our fears, to this we bow down and humble our spirit.

Blood is drawn from our soul by the spiritual vampires we encounter, a dream inside may trigger the vision of purpose as the messages we receive illuminate many signs along the way.

Drive and ambition is bestowed as we become more conditioned to the elements and realities of our nature and survival, many hits are taken as we pick ourselves up, heal, and climb our mountains.

Trust and love of self are merely tools we need to build strength to endure the storms, to be drawn closer, and these desires that haunt us from childhood to be molded into a wise being of light.

The complicated array of invisible growth only we feel compels us to connect to our objectives through blind faith; determination with cause is an imminent front inside these cycles of spinning wheels.

A cleansing by tears of joy and pain must be felt as the mind and body rest in order to process the constant changes within this spinning sphere we reside upon amongst our vast universe.

To conquer and become the pioneers, to lead and unite those that share the visions, to gaze upon the eyes of destiny as we smile at the beauty of the colors of life; to smell the rain and taste bitterness.

We each walk the turtle through our trials and tribulations harnessing the beliefs that we conceive in truth; we follow the transparent element we know to be our individual internal guidance.

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Mike Aloia
Mike Aloia is a father of two daughters and a grandfather. He is 50 years old and lives in Jacksonville, Florida. Mike is Cartoonist, Comedian, Musician, Songwriter, Actor, Columnist, and CEO of American Hearts Radio, LLC Entertainment Network. He has experience in Web TV. Radio Entertainment Production, Artist Managament, and other aspects of entertainment. He writes a column with NSAEN entitled "Walk the Turtle" that are his thoughts on slowing down, taking it easy, and enjoying life.