Into a Promised Land


Walk the Turtle 🐢 1-14-2021 by Mike Aloia

As events unfold before our eyes, we see darkness being brought to light. We have begun to raise our consciousness, and we feel the turning of tides as the waves of change carry us into the unknowns of tomorrow.

We take heed to the corruption and greed that has manifested into the powers that be. They begin to censor our thoughts and try to silence our voices as they manipulate truth with their venomous lies and serpentine eyes.

We, the Children of light sent by our Lord God to assist humanity’s right to have freedoms of Liberty and Justice during our lives, are never meant to be compromised by the submissions of our elect. For we are guardians born to protect the values of sovereignty in our heart.

Peaceful transitions along with protests of pain, we find ourselves in the middle of a dangerous game. As they play among the fears in our minds, as death surrounds the times, we gave our lives and many have sacrificed so we can live as one Nation under God.

As the fallen angels claim their souls, we witness a new birth of righteousness unfold.

Generations before foresaw a great awakening. We must prepare ourselves with spiritual armor to defend this generation and those to come.

As Goliath stands before us, we shall watch him fall as the stone is cast with a heavy blow. We look to the heavens and know our prayers will be answered as currents flow. Deep inside each of our souls lives truth to the divine as we humble ourselves, as love becomes the key to our awakened minds.

Hold your head up and ride the tide, as we all are merely travelers of space and time. We must embrace the hope and grace of His guiding hand as we move through 2021 into a promised land. 

Walk the Turtle, for it is part of God’s plan.

Photo by David Gabrić on Unsplash