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Into Pure Light

“Walk the Turtle” 2/5/2018


A Sovereignty within our mind alongside a balance of emotions floating upon the silence of stillness far beyond comprehensions of a calm in time.

Guidance given by our hidden unseen compass is felt and visible by internal insight held among many visions locked deep inside a soul knowledge.

Perpetual motion of frequencies align with our vibrations felt by spiritual intuition strengthens during a solitude in prayer and a meditation of love.

To recalculate our choices and harness only the solutions removes all obstacles as we allow acceptance to past mistakes bestow hope into spirit.

Eternal life promised by our creator is held in faith by the breath of our dreams, carried by purest of passions, alive within the brokenness of a heart.

Walk the turtle with blessings and desires while searching for yourself in the cold, a compassionate warmth will emerge as we grow into pure light.