Into Temptation

“Walk the Turtle” 4/3/2017


We step into a new day with a new mindset of truth and reflection, enhanced perceptions of understanding how we once fooled ourselves into believing human lies.

To have allowed ourselves to dabble with unrighteousness and to become reckless with our own heart and others we love, it becomes apparent to our soul to cry.

Eternal is our journey, many paths we all will travel in this physical world. Many more we will face at a spiritual level, challenges ahead will always seem too hard.

Our strength and courage delivered to us by love and faith will simplify any difficulties as we encounter fear, forgive and let grace built deep in foundation be felt.

Overriding thoughts that seem to guide us down roads of loneliness, sorrow, and self destruction is required in order to experience the true wonders life offers.

A point in time comes to us when we must eliminate all negative elements that influence our mind, body, and soul to move forward toward righteousness living.

Walk the turtle making the right choices, allow yourself to become a powerful spirit that can resist and overcome all circumstances that lead you into temptation.