Into the Unknowns of Tomorrow


“Walk the Turtle” 5/20/2019


Listening to the symphony of singing birds during the break of dawn as the eyes close to embrace the sounds of a new day. Memories fill the moments as time flows from our yesterdays into the unknowns of tomorrow.

A peaceful calm surrounds the fears as the feelings of humbleness are replaced by despair—to hear your voice among the whispers of the wind as musical notes hidden inside the chimes of our souls brings a breathtaking solace to our hearts .

Intentions of guidance and provisions are felt during our moments of transition and acceptance. Praise be to our almighty creator who brought our spirits together to share the bond of everlasting love.

Shedding the burden of grief is to live each day with the momentum to go forward and allow the tears to cleanse the brokenness of the lost.

To triumph over the emotions of the mind during the trials and temptations in life is part of our spiritual growth in order to fulfill our purpose and destiny, and to become a blessing to others and a testimony of inspiration to all.

Walk the turtle and gaze upon the lessons learned and the forgiveness received by the mistakes we have made. Understand that the journey we are on is infinite as for what we see in this world is temporary. Open your arms and embrace the changes as we kiss once again.

I love you and miss you Brittany Withers.