Introducing a Socially Conscious Beauty Company “REIMAGE BEAUTY”

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Supporting Teens Making a Difference

Introducing a Socially Conscious Beauty Company

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While the beauty industry may be brimming with women who are business savvy, a number of them like Tearra Vaughn, founder of REIMAGE® Beauty are discovering ways to give back through a successful business model.

Her goal was to provide a quality product at an affordable price and to create a sustainable company that could help to provide financial support to women and girls.

At first glance one might assume Tearra is a model; poised and confident, and appearing taller than her 5’7 frame.  She immediately puts you at ease with her infectious smile and warm presence during our interview. tearra-vaughn

This is a significant occasion for Tearra, celebrating the recent launch of her cosmetic company into Macy’s, America’s most popular Department Store.

With exuding pride, Tearra talks about her vision for the company and the challenges she faced in getting the company to where it is today. Growing up, she witnessed friends and family members struggling with complications related to skincare; an issue that many women of color confront in the makeup aisle: finding a shade to match their complexions. Part of the story of REIMAGE® Beauty is a personal journey for Tearra who struggled in her teens with sensitive skin and unsuitable make-up.  She has always been a go-getter and a person who felt the need to give back. Today she is helping to break the stereotype of girls and women who are overwhelmed with images of altered photos, filters, and fillers that can cause and, often times, stem from poor self-esteem.

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Education is an important component in Tearra’s style of mentoring. She emphasizes the importance of getting a good education.  Her academic success is impressive.  She holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree (B.E. in Computer Engineering) from Vanderbilt University and a Law degree (Doctor of Jurisprudence) from Indiana University-Bloomington.

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When REIMAGE® Beauty recently introduced their line to Macy’s in Southern California, Tearra invited young ladies from Compton Early College (a college-prep high school program) for an in-store glam experience. The high school program was started several years ago to give teens an opportunity to excel academically and to help bridge the barriers that keep them from thriving.  The students in the “Girls Build LA” Change Agents program get a unique academic experience that will prepare them for post-secondary education and careers, by creating a supportive family style environment.  This was an ideal program for REIMAGE® Beauty to participate in, since they are in line with helping young girls to develop a healthy self-esteem.  And, this, in conjunction with STEM programming (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), promotes beauty inside and out under the brand’s Smart in BeautifulSM program.

The young girls, wearing their various “Girls Build LA” T-shirts received refining artistry from professionals along with before and after pictures. They wore REIMAGE® products with excitement.  This was an empowering experience for the teens, interacting with a successful businesswoman. It allowed them to see that accessorizing one’s appearance can cause a level of self-confidence that already lives within them to spring to life.  While the girls were busy being pampered, Tearra engaged them in conversation about their goals, encouraging them to stay on the right path and take advantage of all opportunities in front of them.  Lily Lisa, socialite, philanthropist, model and talk show host in China and the USA was also on hand to congratulate Tearra for her charitable work with young ladies.

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During the in-store event, the REIMAGE® Beauty artistry team applied REIMAGE products to various shades of fair skin, olive skin, and beautiful rich brown skin. The guests described the foundation as a perfect match, light, and beautiful and the lipsticks as moisturizing and rich in pigment.

The most popular cosmetic at the moment is the OrgoSmart Luxestick™ which is a creamy all-natural organic lipstick that wraps lips in nourishing moisturizers and rich pigment. The OrgoSmart Luxestick is all natural, organic, gluten free, paraben free, and non-GMO. We recently introduced the “Be Collection” to our line of Luxesticks™ which reminds women to simply “Be” themselves in shades Be Me, Be Love, Be Great, and Be Free!

When asked about future plans for REIMAGE® Beauty, Tearra said, “We are planning to introduce our product in stores throughout the United States.  Our website,   will provide additional information about the expansion… 

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KODAK Digital Still Camera

Tearra loves beauty with a passion and believes wholeheartedly that you can be a successful entrepreneur and give back. Their Smart in Beautiful program works with various organizations to develop healthy self-esteem in females. I am an alumni interviewer for Vanderbilt University and I speak at various schools (junior high level and up) to encourage youth to think about their future and career exploration. She places high interest in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) based educational programs, and the provision of scholarships to women pursuing the study of STEAM based fields truly promotes the beauty of being “smart” inside and outside.

Tearra continues to be a visionary and role model.  She is a challenger who believes that anything is possible


REIMAGE® BEAUTY absolutely loves to support smart women engaged in smart things. One of our core principles is to put Smart In BeautifulSM, therefore a portion of each purchase goes toward the provision of financial support to organizations directed toward healthy self-esteem,  By reminding each female that they are beautiful and cosmetics are to accessories to their beauty, REIMAGE® BEAUTY  puts the concept of cosmetics and beauty into perspective to aid in the development of the self-confidence that comes from understanding who they are and what they can become. Through support of their aspirations and inspiring others along the way, REIMAGE® BEAUTY positively supports the growth of women who believe that they are beautiful and more than capable of attaining their personal and professional goals.



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