iTunes Pre-order Now Available For BLOOD VESSEL!


iTunes Pre-order now available for Aquatic Vampire Horror Film BLOOD VESSEL


Two Behind-the-Scenes Clips Available For Sharing

[Los Angeles, CA] Tomorrow sees the release of BLOOD VESSEL, the WWII-set vampire period horror film that’s got one helluva bite! Pre-orders are now available for the movie on iTunes and we’ve also released two behind-the-scenes clips to get fans excited for all the bloodshed to come!

Pre-order BLOOD VESSEL on iTunes:

Behind-the-scenes clips:

The Cast –

The Vampire –

Screen Fervor’s Jeremy Herbert hails the film as, “…impressive, original, and, most importantly, terrifying” while Culture Crypt’s Ian Sedensky says it’s, “…a terrific thriller with streamlined style that’s simply refreshingly entertaining.


A life-raft lost at sea encounters an abandoned Nazi vessel. Boarding the ship, they find a far more daunting enemy.

Co-written by Jordan Prosser, the film was co-written and directed by Justin Dix, award-winning special effects supervisor and director of Wicked of Oz studios. He has worked on such films as THE BABADOOK, 100 BLOODY ACRES, CRAWLSPACE, THE LOVED ONES, and LAKE MUNGO, as well as dozens of others.

BLOOD VESSEL stars Alyssa Sutherland (VIKINGS), Robert Taylor (THE MATRIX), Nathan Phillips (SNAKES ON A PLANE), Christopher Kirby (DAYBREAKERS), John Lloyd Fillingham (HUNTERS), and Alex Cooke (PREACHER).

The film was produced by Justin Dix, Steven Matusko, Steven McKinnon, and Nathan Phillips with Veronica Sive, Silvio Salom, and William Byerley as co-producers. Corey Trent Ackerman, Jeff Harrison, and Brett Thornquest act as executive producers.