Japanese Dinner at Charlie Palmers

CHARLIE PALMERS, that terrific chain of five restaurants just wrapped up its third in a series of country dinners.  I attended and wrote about the first one, from Argentina, and came back for the third one featuring Japan.

Charlie Palmers in Las Vegas is inside the Four Seasons Hotel. In a lovely private room that can hold up to 24, the group started out with ASAHA beer.  The first appetizers, prepared by Executive Chef Eduardo “Lalo” Saavedra, were a Toro tartare with Miso-Lemongrass Sauce and Osetra Caviar.  We had a taste of Kaiyo Japanese Mizunara Oak Whiskey and went straight to a fantastic Seaweed Salad with scallop and edamame.  Chicken Yakitori with steamed Matcha rice was next with a tasting of Jurosaw, Junmai Sake.

Some of these Japanese names are hard to pronounce, much less spell.

The main course was Turf & Turf — AF Miyazaki Wagyu Strip with Kurobuto Port Short Rib accompanied by cucumber sunomono, a carrot & Daikon radish, and spicy Kofuki Potatoes, again with a glass of Manzairakum, Junmai Daiginjo.  Topping it all off was Shibuya Honey Toast with green tea macaroons, Yubari King Melon and Ginger ice cream with some Yuzu-flavored Sake.

The restaurant plans to do a different country quarterly said General Manager Phil Hajos.