Jenny Tinmouth: Dreams, Skills and Merit

Jenny Tinmouth

Dreams, Skills and Merit

Isle of Man TT

by Night Train

Isle of Man TT ( is the world’s most challenging and dangerous motorcycle race on the planet. Literally. Held on 37-miles of tiny European public roads reaching speeds well in excess of 200 mph, this is the pinnacle of motorsports. Google the name and see for yourself footage of bikes racing at speeds making Moto GP look like child’s play. This event certainly has been on my radar screen for years. It is on my bucket list to see it live and God willing, try it as well.

Jennifer Rosanne Tinmouth (born 8 March 1978) is an English motorcycle racer and professional motorcycle stunt performer. Jenny is the fastest female to lap the Isle of Man TT course. She broke the record during her first TT in 2009, gaining a Guinness World Record for this achievement. She then re-broke the record during her second TT in 2010 taking the record to an average lap speed of 119.945mph, receiving another Guinness World record for this achievement.

Jenny is also the first and only female to have competed in the British Superbike Championship. For which she was also awarded a Guinness World Record. Her list of accomplishments is astounding and so lengthy it is impossible to list them all here. To list a few, Jenny has achieved many firsts for women in the sport. She was the first female to enter and qualify to race in the British 125gp Championship, the British Supersport and Supersport Cup Championships and the British Superbike Championship.

In 2012, Jenny received The Women’s International Film and Television Showcase International Visionary Awards ‘IT Girl’ awarded in Los Angeles, for her Wcommitment and dedication to her sport, sighting her as an inspiration to women across the spectrum of all ages around the world. She also received the most Meritorious Performance by a Solo Newcomer Award at the TT in 2009 and the Susan Jenness Trophy in both 2009 and 2010 for the Most Meritorious Performance by a Female Competitor at the TT and has also received two ‘Your Champions’ Sporting awards. In 2013 she was extremely privileged to be invited to the Women of the Year Awards in London, an extremely prestigious awards lunch celebrating the success of extraordinary and inspirational women from all aspects of life.

Jenny is proud to have had 57 podiums including 22 wins during her racing career and to have received 14 awards. In 2014 Jenny was lucky enough to join the Stunt Team for the Mission Impossible franchise and was privileged to be motorcycle rider stunt double for Rebecca Ferguson on both Mission Impossible 5 and 6.

I met Jenny for the first time a few weeks ago. She was accompanied by her dog “Sprocket”, a Dachshund mixed with Jack Russel. Her dad always had motorcycles, and she decided from a young age that she wanted to make a living out of racing motorcycles. “It was a dream and my ambition,” she said timidly yet with great pride and confidence. At a young age she was attracted to bloke sports, Barbies were definitely not on her radar screen! At a young age she went to see the races and got hooked. She pursued being a motorcycle technician then volunteered her time at the closest dealership hoping to land a more permanent position to open some doors. Boy did it open doors!

Jenny soon got noticed for her love and passion in the sport. “The love and passion for this sport is the great equalizer between males and females in this sport,” she said. Being male or female, entitlement does not supersede merit in this sport. I wish we could say the same in other dimensions and markets! Friendly bantering is rather appreciated and not seen as harassment either. On track, she races both females and males and gender disappears when the road starts to look like a tunnel.

Jenny did not get where she is without adversity. On the contrary! Her word of advice “when you face a storm, dig deep and pursue your dreams.” Having the right support matters too, and Jenny is forever grateful for Greg at Manx Glass & Glazing as well as Stephen Bradley her business partner who has been there forever by her side. Jenny’s top speed? 185mph… five over mine, but the difference is she held it there for more than five seconds!

Jenny has never been to Florida. I asked and she would absolutely visit to teach some skills to a few select. Any takers? Guy Martin, a legendary racer of Isle of Man TT says, “We are not here for a long time. We are here for a good time!” That’s in part what fuels Jenny to live her life fully.

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