Journey of Togetherness


“Walk the Turtle” 8/22/2018


The sensual sound of falling rain along with the distant rumble of thunder fills the darkness inside the deep, late hours of a brand new day, becoming prepared to face the unknown.

Eyes of our mind reside between being awake and a state of sleep as we listen to the intuitive wisdom of our soul, a genuine guidance of love held by the purity of hope is given to our spirit as each morning begins.

Music of life surrounds our existence, allow the mind and body to dance with thanksgiving, for we are granted this gift to grow and create among this realm of spiritual beings.

A savage heart brings forth the torment to some as a peaceful grace lives inside others, a treatment of patience and compassion can influence all in times of comfort.

Walk the turtle without selfishness, expectations or judgmental conclusions, understanding that we each have thoughts and emotions and we are merely passing through this journey of togetherness.


Photo by Robb Leahy on Unsplash