Just Love Them


“Walk the Turtle” 3/19/2017


you cannot save people words

Profound truth inside our souls are blown through the winds of change and seasons of life, consider those to whom we have given our hearts, those that gave us lies with the illusions of love.

The precious moments we spend with the ones that have impacted and inspired our spirit remain inside the depths of memories branded inside the heart that was once broken and shattered.

Acceptance of actions and to be humbled by helplessness is the calm inside each storm, deceptive by the mind and intuitive to the reality to realize the magnitude of grave self-destruction.

The spiral of out of control circumstances, addictions of chasing the numbness to be masked into an unfeeling existence propels us into a dark abyss of dysfunctional consciousness in life.

Compassion to never give up on yourself or someone you love requires strength and courage developed by the understanding that time heals all wounds beneath our flesh and bone.

Walk the turtle as you reminisce inside your mind on the moments spent when we laughed and cried, shared smiles, and the warmth of their hugs knowing God wants us to just love them.


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