Keep on Learning

The other morning my agent from Red Willow Talent sent me a text asking “Can you send a couple of voice-overs of you doing an auctioneer?”

Well, I have played with it a little in my show here and there during this one bit that I do, but that’s about it. I told her I would get her one in a few hours. One thing I have learned is to say “Yes” to things, even if it’s scary, if it can help you out.

I spent a few hours watching YouTube videos on how to do the chant, the filler, learning the numbers, and it was very hard to begin with. I knew I needed to get this down quickly, so I practiced as much as possible and got it to a point where I was comfortable enough to record it. I don’t think I’ll win a competition, and I don’t know if I’ll get the role, but I will use it for a small part of my show and it will make a difference.

I really felt I had accomplished something and will keep practicing, because now I can’t wait to bring it on stage. Also, not only did I find a new talent, I learned to keep learning.

Expanding your talents, as I’ve written in the past, can never be driven home enough and sometimes I need to be reminded of it. You have to first say “Yes” then dive head first into new territory to see what you can do.

The small victories can add up to a bigger one, but you have to have the small ones first. They’re important because they keep you going!!