Keep Them In Your Prayer

“Walk the Turtle” 3/27/2017


As the petals of a flower slowly open to embrace and absorb the warmth of the new day sunlight, deep wounds of a soul begin to heal and humble itself to life.

Shame and guilt must be removed by loving yourself and knowing forgiveness has been given all of us, we as human beings each share the air we breathe on Earth.

We shed the skins of yesterday and evolve as we move from adolescence into maturity, we grow from ignorance into wisdom, we begin to see truth and the blind.

Eternal is the love felt by those that touched our heart and soul, those that reminded us we are somebody and we have a purpose to fulfill and a destiny to reach.

As travelers through time and space we each can plant seeds of hope and grace by showing compassion and understanding to broken spirits that wander in fear.

When we kiss the lips of someone we love and care about, we may gaze into their eyes and feel sensations of an unconditional depth as we smile and say goodbye.

Walk the turtle with belief in your faith, knowing your visions are guiding you toward the desires of your heart, hold loved ones close and keep them in your prayer.