KRISTA GROTTE SAXON “Victorious Rage…Magical Tragedy” ©


“Victorious Rage…Magical Tragedy” ©

In memory of Devin

By Florida Night Train

Krista came on my radar-screen when the movie “Nation’s Fire” was casting here in Florida. After several mutual exchanges of messages and failed calls, we finally connected. Her pleasant, positive, and welcoming voice was a refreshing surprise. She is after all in a relatively different world than the common mortals. 

After a brief conversation, I asked point-blank if she would explore the possibility of collaborating in a feature project set to inspire others offering some measure of hope through the sharing of her heart. It would require a true test of vulnerability, unmasked, stripped down to the core, raw dialogue. That is, unknown to the public eye and, witnessed by none. It was as if she knew the time had come for this chapter to be written and I would be the fortunate one to tell the tale. For that, I will forever be filled with gratitude and inspiration. Thank you, “Wink”.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. For Krista, it could not be truer. The intensity behind a glance, a look, or a stare means more than one could begin to imagine. I witnessed the revelation of a raw and intense life in the depth of her soul. What was behind it you might ask is what lies before you as never heard before, in her voice, in her way with an underpinning of gut-wrenching strength that cuts to her core. Time creates opportunity and the space for trust and after almost a year of research, calls, and emails, my desk was filled with a richness of truth that needed to be told. Having not met her yet, it all caused a candid and respectful camaraderie.  

You should, if your eyes and ears are truly open, develop to “understand” and gain a good life experience when you meet a veracious warrior such as Krista Grotte Saxon.  Therefore, I humbly offer you my experience exploring a few God-granted moments of “victorious raging waters of magical tragedy”. You can also watch my interview with Krista online on my newly launched “Florida Night Train” YouTube channel or, on my Facebook page when it Premiers July 1, 2020, at noon hour Eastern Standard Time.

This daughter of Zeus has defied all odds. She has championed them one by one. That is, in grandeur and, humble courage. She has slain both demons and dragons. Her voracious appetite for the authenticity of life causes her to spare no effort. She does it with a survival instinct from childhood trauma I dare not put in print. She has learned to channel her pain in a way that now fuels her passion and absolute purpose to nurture inspiration into the sons she adores and gave life to; Kenneth and Dyllon.

So why “Victorious Rage…Magical Tragedy”? Rage was what drove Krista at a young age.  Sadly no one was there to teach her how to use that powerful and beautiful emotion in a positive way. A ward of state at age 14 surviving on her own below levels of poverty, she lived a life surrounded by crime. The abuse this heart endured and overcame is nothing short of a true display of victories laid on the canvas of her life. She has become a complex, yet simply woven art-form now transforming into a master-piece Dali himself would be inspired to look at as an intriguing muse.

After getting to know Krista I can say I believe through her days here on earth so far there has been invisible being(s) at war for her mind, her heart, her soul, and for her sons. I believe it still goes on. I know that and, she knows that too.

Krista was raging to be loved, to be heard, to be respected, wanted, appreciated, valued, and, part of a family. She was raging for life! She still is raging, screaming, sharing, and healing through her art. This time, she does it all with the lessons she learned. Lessons caused in part by the help of marginalized bikers. I love it when us “rejects” peacefully and silently shame the self-righteous judgmental classes. It is the most satisfying retribution I feel we can serve them with.

Krista holds no punches in my interview with her. She exposes her heart and life-story.  Words of addiction, severe unspeakable abuse, mental illnesses, words of life, and, of death through ladders of her journey she humbly shared. She speaks frankly, unapologetic, with candor, confidence, class, elegance, tears, and yes belly laughs. Clearly, one thing she has never given into is the “victim mentality” and, a “fear-driven” life. Trust me, unlike some I know of, she had reasons to.  

After picking her up on my Night Train® we rode together on the beautiful shores of Tampa Bay in Florida. The discussion was magic and dare I say, spiritually charged. You could almost sense the presence of angels and demons in the atmosphere around us. We both were on a mission reaching far beyond the visible. We wanted to touch hearts and inspire.  She entered the beautiful freeing gates of inspirational transparency and daring vulnerability.  Gates, might I add, only one with true courage can enter. Something I am still forging through.

After 10 years of sobriety and undeniable success of a global scale, I found Krista to be self-aware with great clarity of mind. She displayed the mental clarity of mind only a spartan warrior would appreciate. A proud mother, she now seeks excellence of life in all she does and breathes for. “Wink”, as her sister calls her, has had more than her share of betrayals, judgments, and hardships. That has not stopped her from seizing life with all her resilient might. Give her some diet coke and a good bag of peanut butter cups, then take her on the beach to feed wild rabbits and you will, I assure you, get to see her smile wide with the sweet innocence of a child.

The $1.3M budget biker-movie “Nation’s Fire” is free on Prime Amazon and available in a multitude of other outlets. This movie is now one of the 20 movies she produced and appeared in. In “Nation’s Fire”, she is the main character “Gloria” who represents so many facets of her actual life. This massive production employed more than 2,000 biker and biker-related individuals, cities, counties, restaurants, locations, rentals, magazines…   This is in part what Krista has done for the biker community, and she is not finished.

Thing I love about Krista in real life is that she challenges common social stereotypical expectations. This, I believe, is stemmed in the past revelation to her about the true fabric of the biker community; caring fraternity, charity, and goodwill. Through “big bad bikers” in the seemingly ruthless MC world, Krista’s internal spirit animal, the wolf, was at last awakened to reflect that in so many ways. What I ask of you today is to consider honoring that by joining, respecting, and supporting her mission to inspire others and help them heal. You can start doing that simply by watching “Nation’s Fire”.

I cannot with mere words give justice to the pearls Krista has tabled as offerings in her interview with me. These “pearls” carry hopes to inspire and yes, heal as well.  Forgive me but as she shared, I found myself teary-eyed relating to her in various degrees. So, this project is also very personal to me.

Today Krista is an accomplished, successful, self-made businesswoman in the world of aviation operation and technology. She is also founder and principal of a custom software development firm geared towards gaming applications and movie production.  Both ventures have and continue to do very well.

As mentioned, Krista appeared in approximately 20 movies so far with one of them being the award-winning short horror film “Filthy” in 2003. “Filthy” screened and earned more than 23 awards at film festivals. Krista also appeared in one of the legendary Herschell Gordon Lewis final films; “The Uh-Oh Show”. Krista signed on for the leading role in “Emerging Past” (EP), shot in NY.  EP won the best horror feature twice at the NYC International Film Festival. EP also screened at the Full Moon Horror Film Fest.  Krista is the recipient of best actress awards in several networks including the Florida Motion Picture and Television Association’s prestigious Crystal Reel Awards. Krista co-wrote and collaborated with a good friend, Attorney, and Photographer Bo Hitchcock, also Producer Rick Danford. 

Krista was coached by Howard Fine. Howard Fine’s talent roster has included celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Val Kilmer, Diana Ross, Jennifer Connelly, Sela Ward, Billy Campbell, Jon Bon Jovi, Kim Delaney, Elle McPherson, etc.

A word of caution, you should know from watching the interview, if you do, that there is a warning not to cross Krista and trigger her. She does have many true marvelous qualities, but they are not to be taken as weaknesses. Fear in you her rage will cause after her discerning skills will serve her well to see who you truly are if you have ill-intentions. This champion who has the capacities of fragility and uncontrollable laughter at times will crush the most robust of your shields.

Krista’s life is now driven by this code of conduct: “People are often unreasonable and self-centered. Forgive them anyway. If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives.  Be kind anyway. If you are honest, people may cheat you. Be honest anyway. If you find happiness, people may be jealous. Be happy anyway. The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway. Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough. Give your best anyway. For you see, in the end, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.”    Mother Teresa

Krista is a living testimony that rage can be good if we make the effort for ourselves and those we love to truly live fully and victoriously. That even in tragedy, magic can happen.  She now navigates life with the discernment of a Queen, executing her dance, her way.  Like a star she now shines oh but so far up in the sky you should count your blessings when she lets you truly see her so you can make a wish.

Thank you for reading me, for viewing her testimony and “Nation’s Fire”.

Florida Night Train

1 Cor. 13:4-7