Las Vegas Wins 2024 Super Bowl

By now, everyone has heard that Las Vegas has officially been chosen to host Super Bowl LVIII in 2024. The city will have a huge opportunity to host the Big Game, but it does come with a cost.

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority is projecting the Super Bowl to bring $500 million to Las Vegas during the event, along with at least another $70 million in local and state tax revenue.

Here are some of the costs the NFL wants Las Vegas to pick up to host the game.

Presidential Suites at top hotels

Police escorts for team owners

35,000 parking spaces

All ticket revenue from the game

Two bowling venues-when will they have time?

Portable cellphone towers

Advertising space from local radio and tv

According to a media report from the Las Vegas Review Journal, which is where these things are quoted, the LVCVA will pay some $55 million in costs and defray around $20 million from sponsorships. After that is all said and done, the LVCVA will have to pick up all other costs. This is done all the time with major events.

Fifty-five million dollars for a $500 million dollar payday sounds like a sure bet for Las Vegas. I would suggest the second rooms open up for the dates, you book early. They will surely skyrocket.

There will be plenty of superstars at events all over the city, but don’t forget to see a lot of our fantastic things to do while in town. Nostalgia Street Rods, home of famous cars and trucks and a great museum, the Lion Habitat in Henderson, Sunbuggy rentals—great outdoors in the best vehicles around, Area15, with all their amazing things to do, right next to the freeway, Fremont Street and the zipline, along with countless other fun venues. We’ll keep you up to date on them over the next couple of years.