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Life by Love

“Walk the Turtle” 2/26/2018


Listening to the wind and feeling the breeze on our skin gives a sense of comfort to the struggles of a troubled soul, a smile appears as we bow.

Held by our dreams of change and a desire to feel alive again serves a purpose inside hope and grace, forgiveness of ourselves is needed to grow.

Look inside the eyes of pain and wipe the tears of the past, to lose your direction and wander through the darkness of worthlessness is deadly.

Hours turn into days, weeks into years, a loss of time inhibits our spiritual transitions as our hearts become humble to the fragility of life.

Intensity of determination to face the fears of our realities becomes a challenge to our natural instincts of survival to see the light clear as day.

Walk the turtle knowing you carry the strength and courage to slay the demons inside your mind and to overcome and create a better life by love.


Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash