Life Is Good for Rock Musicians Six Gun Sal


Keeping Rock Alive and Thriving With The Release of Their New Video “LIFE”

I’ve been a rock music fan since my first Led Zeppelin concert. When I got the call to cover a rock video launch party for a group called Six Gun Sal, I went on YouTube and watched one of their earlier videos which was quite impressive.

I headed out to Hollywood where navigating through Los Angeles can be challenging. Google maps easily sent me to a small side street just off Hollywood Boulevard called Cherokee. I was quite shocked when I found a parking space less than 50 yards from the club called Boardners.

If I had done proper vetting, I would have realized that this was the iconic former speakeasy home of some of the most infamous gangsters and ghosts in Hollywood Land.

Six Gun Sal would not be performing for a couple of hours but the crowd had already begun to swell. Members of the group joined band members on the red carpet alongside high-profile individuals and celebrities in music, film, and sport—true validation of the popularity of the group. Fans included Timothy Eaton (Music and TV Film Producer); Frank Greenfield (Multi-Platinum, Grammy Nominated Producer, Golden Globe and Dove Award Winner); Steven “Verez” Berez (Lead Singer Venrez, Actor and  Producer); Kathy Kolla (Actress / Director); Glenna Kamholz (” The Giant” AfterGlow Original Glowgirls – Wrestler); Patricia Summerland Chambers; (AfterGlow Original Glowgirls – Wrestler & Playboy), Ann Ferriday (Internationally renowned designer, who designed outfits for Elton John, the late David Bowie and other celebs), Al Burke (Actor / Former Professional Wrestler); Elizabeth Blake-Thomas (Actress / Film Producer); Greg Wonder (MTV Comedian and Actor); Adina Durant Slotsky (Actress), Harold Smith & Kevin Weiss (Members of the NeXt X band); Alejandro Alonso (Mexican Christian guitar player).

*Photo credit Sheri Determan

Band members were interviewed individually and when asked about their sound, they all seemed to agree that it was a combination and inspiration of iconic rock bands. This was the sound I expected to hear but was beyond pleasantly surprised.

*Photo credit Heydy Vazquez

It was also an interesting observation watching young people in their twenties as well as older adults in the standing room only venue as the band arrived on stage. Anthony Appello, lead singer, alongside Dusty Lang, Joey Durant and Matt Geinitz opened the show like a lightening rod had just hit southern California.

*Photo credit Heydy Vazquez

Six Gun Sal, with their incredible rollicking sound, clearly underestimates their own talent. Although it is apparent that they are influenced by the early pioneers of rock, they have created a sound that resonates with hard core rock aficionados as well as their own current fan base. These musicians represent the quality of a sound from an era when artists, in addition to writing their own songs, play their own instruments with a healthy Battle of the Bands competitive nature.

*Photo credit Heydy Vazquez

The group has shared the stage with popular bands such as Lynchmob, TRAPt, Great White, and more. Their first album, “West of Heaven” offered enough success to keep them performing locally. Their latest video is titled “The Life”.  Lyrically, the song captures who they are as musicians.

*Photo credit Heydy Vazquez

When asked if they have plans to tour, quipped a fan, “I’ll go wherever and whenever they perform.”

To watch their latest video go to:

*Top photo credit (band on the red carpet) Sheri Determan