Light of Freedom


“Walk the Turtle” 10/31/2016


Our spectrum of color engulfs the illuminations of imagination as we follow the captivating visions of the mind within the depths of our eternal soul.

Promises we are given comforts the spirit as we trust the strength of love, find courage to confront the giant inside, for this is something we all posses.

As the days go by each moment is transformed into a distant memory, standing steadfast through our trials and spiritual struggles is required for growth.

We are not who we were yesterday, change of morality and heart will enhance our integrity of spirit, prayer for self offers obedience to our destiny.

Security felt inside is built by the foundation of faith, to release all fears and to reach out for guidance plants a seed that grows into wisdom and grace.

Peace inside each heart is found after we have survived the torment during the storms we all face in this life, realize your purpose and believe.

When we walk the turtle, sometimes blind, we must remind ourselves that we are never alone, a savior walks beside us as we go into the light of freedom.


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