Light of Your Eyes

“Walk the Turtle 10/23/2016


The nuance of our majestic nature felt upon the icy streams and winding paths of our soul, the depths beyond understanding reveal signs of amazement.

A spiritual love carried inside caresses the wounds of battle still frail to heal, to be pulled back into the flames of a mental war and imprisoned by emotion.

We create the sounds and visualize a moment of peace locked away only to be set free, battered at our surface by courage and determination of faith.

Grace is anointed to each struggle we face, time and patience must be given in order for the process of transformation to unfold, a silent healing begins.

Your eyes glimmer with the cries for help seen through the darkness of bondage, we open our hearts and embrace with compassion and understanding.

As we walk the turtle each day, a sense of contentment begins to set in as a flow of prayer is spoken to those that seek rescue by the light of your eyes.