Live Happy



“Walk the Turtle” 5/14/2017

The complexions of life are seen inside the warmth of the skin, by the glimmers of sunshine radiating from the beauty inside eyes of the universe.

To smile and gaze upon the depths love has nurtured, the renewal of the spirit that is held close during prayer and meditations found in solitude.

A peaceful heart allows the flow of contentment to fill our souls, a calmness of mind sheds all burdens and worries as we change our perceptions.

Such power we each share is understood during our growth of human wisdom, a fascinating event occurs when humbleness fills visions of divine.

Perseverance through guidance of each circumstance we encounter is inevitable as we wake each morning to our individual journey of purpose.

Walk the turtle with compassion toward our gift to exist and abilities to inspire, we hold each moment with hope and dreams to live happy.