Love Came Knocking at the Door


I was visiting with a friend of mine recently while she and her family were on vacation. During our visit she told me the sweetest story and I asked if I could share it with others. She asked her mother and all agreed I could tell their tale. My friend’s name is Rajeania, her mother’s name is Donna.

Two couples had known each other for over 40 years and were also neighbors. They lived around the corner from each other and one of the men was my friend Rajeania’s grandpa. The man who lived around the corner would come over to Rajeania’s grandpa’s house to visit with Grandpa and Dad on numerous occasions while they were both outside working.

Several years after Rajeania’s dad passed away, their four daughters would try to encourage their mom to date. She would scoff at the idea and asked them how in the world they thought she was going to find someone…was he just going to knock on her door? The daughters said, “Well… I guess it could happen if the Lord wanted it to.”

Several more years passed and the man from around the corner (Curtis) lost his wife. Rajeania’s mother Donna hadn’t seen or thought about this neighbor in years, then one day he comes knocking on her door. He asked how she was doing and invited her to dinner. Curtis told her he was lonely and felt she was too. She said “yes” she was lonely too, and he was such a gentleman! They fell in love and four months after their first date, the young-at-heart couple married.

Rajeania asked Curtis “What led you to my mom after all these years”? He answered “The Lord told me to knock on her door.” He’s 85 years young and her mom, Donna, is 77 years young. Here’s to happily ever after and God Bless the door knockers. pastedGraphic.pngYou never know when “love” is going to show up. And yes, I guess it does come knocking on your door.

Thank you to Donna and Rajeania for allowing me to impart this charming love story. It is so inspiring and I wanted the world to know, love is still alive!