Love & Elevators Takes Amazon to the Top



Love & Elevators is an original dramedy debuting on Amazon May 25, 2018. It is a full season of 7-12 minute episodes reinventing traditional storytelling for television. Over the course of 10 episodes viewers will be introduced to the lives of 3 best friends, Elle Carmichael, Cora Braylon, and Kyle Cooke who host a successful podcast based around relationships.


Life, love, and the pursuit of…well, just about everything as 3 best friends and podcast hosts open up their lives to the world in some rather unorthodox ways. Elle, Cora, and Kyle have known each other for what seems like forever. When things start to surface from their personal lives they’ll learn things about each other that they never knew in this refreshing new dramedy from 480 Films.


Tai Anderson – Elle Carmichael

Erica Sutherland – Cora Braylon

Tavares M. Wilson – Kyle Cooke

Dap Paxton – Joseph Carmichael

Lexcee Wood – Brittney Andrews

Keon Black – J. Reed

Heather Webber – Melody

Rodney Jackson – Mike Thomas


Rodney Jackson –  Director/DP/Score

Tavares M. Wilson- Writer/Producer/Casting

Tai Anderson- Writer/Producer/Casting

Erica Sutherland – Writer/Producer

Elijah Jackson – Camera Op/Associate Producer

Ray Hebard- Boom/Associate Producer

Wes Ransom – Editor

Meet the Cast

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