Love Within a World of Uncertainty


Walk the Turtle 🐢 Column by Michael D. Aloia 6-22-2021

To be in the midst of change, leaving wonder behind dreams inside the heart is part of understanding. We each have different perceptions about how our lives should be, we are all still learning how to become better to ourselves and to those we love and cherish the most.

A grateful spirit that becomes more sensitive about the love felt within allows the process of growth to be accomplished as we go through the painful moments of truth.

Each day we are given is an opportunity to understand more about the validations and certain struggles we eventually come to grips with, as we enrich our souls with blessings and peace.

Walking the turtle with a constant flow of kindness and encouraging words is essential to the well-being of the human mind. It brings forth a smile and a deep sense of being loved within a world of uncertainty and unlimited possibilities of happiness.

Inspired by the girl I love Justine ❤ & Almighty God ✝

Photo by Ryan Franco on Unsplash