“Machine Gun Preacher”

“Machine Gun Preacher”

Bike Builder Defender of Orphans

by: Night Train


While some of us argue over masks and jabs, pronouns, which gender is allowed in which restroom, blue or red, kneeling or not or how our feelings have been hurt in or outside of churches, Sam Childers’ reality is dare I say far more brutal and superior in priority. Thousands of children are the living proof of it. 

With an AK47 in one hand and a bible in the other, Sam Childers has become affectionately known as the “Machine Gun Preacher”. His life story was published in his 2009 biography: “Another Man’s War”. His story was turned into a Hollywood feature film in 2011; “The Machine Gun Preacher” and starring in it are Glaswegian and Hollywood heartthrob Gerard Butler. Rumor has it there is another movie in the works right now (with some mega Hollywood names to top it off).

Through his charity — “Angels of East Africa” (www.aoeathunderinthecity.com)-Childers has, since 1998, built seven orphanages, seven schools, around 40 wells for clean drinking water, and a farm where he teaches those displaced by war, how to make a living. “We don’t want them to be beggars, but to equip and teach them a skill and trade that can change nations. We can’t save all the children but… you do what you have to do,” said Childers. Millions of people are still on the brink of starvation in Southern Sudan as East Africa is gripped by famine mainly due to conflicts between tribal groups, according to the United Nations Security Council. (Source: UN Journal: 2019)

Childers’ catalytic life-changing moment was when he saw the body of a child torn apart by a landmine. The body was laying in the sunburnt grass of Southern Sudan — This was the moment former US 1%ER biker Childers decided to devote the rest of his life to saving the children of East Africa. “The body may have been there for about 12 or 16 hours.” As I stood there over the child I said, “God, I’d do anything I can to help these people.”  Most of the orphans have lost their parents due to the atrocities of war, accidents, or diseases such as AIDs and malaria — others are former child soldiers or sex slaves rescued by Childers and his team from local militia and rebel groups. “Joseph Kony was wanting to destroy me as much as I wanted to get a hold of him,” Childers said of the murderer who is now believed to be hiding somewhere deep in the Congo.

Sam gave up a life of drugs, crime, and violence within one of USA’s most notorious motorcycle clubs – Childers’ life began to change when he joined his then-girlfriend on her visit to church.

Sam Childers will be on his 2022 World Tour going through Florida in February – You can book him or find his schedule at www.mgpworldtour.com – There are ongoing discussions perhaps for appearances at the OCC Roadhouse in Clearwater (TBC) and, the Warhorse HD in Ocala Florida Feb 19, 2022. Sam will be speaking to youth detention centers, drug rehab centers, prisons, schools, businesses, churches, and organizations where he believes his story will inspire hope and motivate anyone who wants to make successful changes in their lives.  

Sam also builds custom bikes. You can check it out at www.mgpratbikes.org. I believe profits (or some parts) all generated by the sale of any bikes, cars or accessories go to the work in South Sudan and Uganda. Sam was awarded the Mother Teresa award for international social justice in November 2013 – he is the only American to be honored with the award – Sam received the distinction for his work in rescuing children in East Africa during the LRA war.

“Defend the poor and fatherless: Do justice to the afflicted and needy.” Psalm 82:3


Source and pictures: Machine Gun Preacher www.machinegunpreacher.org