Magic in the Messy Middle

messy-middle-photoThere’s magic in the messy middle—the place in between when I see what needs to change and am not sure what to do to create the change.

As I look back on the last several weeks, l recognize that I’m drawn to unemotional people because I am unemotional. That happened after I got tired of blaming someone I love for not being “there” for me.

The last few days I got curious about my frustration level. I deleted a post where my view was not understood. I then realized I was trying to fit in.

Now what? Go to the source that enabled me to see those things—then writing then sharing.

There’s a deeper core shame issue.

Not sure yet when it will all come together… that’s when the magic happens. I know when I’ve done the work because I catch myself with different attitudes and actions.

Onward and upward