Magnum Coffee Roastery

What’s the first thing we want when we wake up?  The perfect cup of coffee. MAGNUM COFFEE ROASTERY at 1335 E. Sunset can certainly do that.  With over 70 years of experience in coffee, this giant warehouse roasts thousands of pounds of beans daily. When Magnum buys a particular coffee, whether it be from Costa Rica, Guatemala, or Indonesia, etc., they have capabilities to purchase beans by the container for their customers!  Now that’s a lot of beans.  Every batch of beans is cupped by professionals at the coffee origin and then retested for flavor and consistency again when it arrives to their facility in the US.

The Las Vegas location started three years ago, to supply people in the western part of the country.  Run by Victoria Kihnke, Christian Kihnke and Amy Johnson, these three knowledgeable people gave us a tour. 

As you walk in there are plenty of great coffees and cold drinks to pick from along with marvelous muffins and pastries.  Sit down and linger in one of the comfortable chairs, read the paper, or turn on the laptop.  The walls are lined with bags of various flavors and grinds, and there is plenty of parking in front.

They private label for numerous companies and ship all over the world.  Favorite flavors are Vanilla, Hazelnut and Salted Caramel. Magnum can package bags of every size, from a pillow pack to a 5-lb bag.  If you are a company who is looking for someone to private label this is the place to call.   (702) 848-3080 or visit