Making Your Small Home Kid-Friendly

Making Your Small Home Kid-Friendly


Living in a small space can be challenging — especially once you have kids. Cribs and baby gear take up lots of room. And as those babies and toddlers grow into their teen years, their need for space grows right along with them.

How can you maximize space for your little ones without breaking the bank or scrimping on privacy? These tips can help:

Create nooks. You may not have room for a full nursery, but you can set aside a corner of one room or even a closet to create a baby nook. Use a changing table dresser to store clothes, diapers, blankets and even toys. Add wall shelving for additional storage.

Invest in organizers. Closet organization systems, under-bed containers and cabinet racks can double or even triple your storage space. Use them to keep toys, games and clothes organized, and give each family member a dedicated storage spot to keep things as neat as possible.

Donate or sell unused items. It’s tempting to save mementos from their early days but saving items your child no longer uses only means less space for ones they do. Make it a point to purge at least once a year.

Define spaces. Just because you don’t have three bedrooms doesn’t mean it can’t seem like you do. Hang curtains or set up carefully placed dividers to create private spaces throughout the home. Make a playroom or makeshift nursery or use it to add some privacy for mom and dad.

Kids, or your plans to have them, should play into your real estate decisions from the beginning. Look for properties that have family-friendly amenities like pools, playgrounds or easy access to a park. Need help finding a child-friendly property? Feel free to get in touch.

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