“Mandy Lady” Brilliant Rebirth©

“Mandy Lady”

Brilliant Rebirth©

By Florida Night Train


In 2021 I got notified about a 15-year-old, close to my family, who had gone missing. All that she left was a note that said, “I’ll be back”. It was the first time the distraught parents went through this. I managed to locate the precious one and within hours, she was safe in my custody. Her naiveté wronged her, she somehow thought it would be cool to go boating with her female friend and a bunch of grown men whom no one really knew. With human trafficking and drug rape being at an all time high, I believe by the grace of God almighty that this life was spared. Mandy Lady’s story reminds me of these dangers and thinking of it still sends shivers down my spine. 

Mandy Horvath, victim of a date rape drug nightmare whom some of you may be familiar with, cannot say she came out unscathed from what appeared as an innocent and safe situation. She is still here (thank you God) to tell you she is alive, well, and not a victim but a “victor” on a mission to make a difference.  

Mandy was born in 1993, raised by her parents and lived a fairly normal life in Smithville, Missouri. Shortly after moving to Kansas, all of that changed. On July 26, 2014, at roughly 2 a.m. in Steele City, Nebraska, she was struck by a locomotive.

After an innocent night out with people she thought she could trust, consuming two beers and two shots throughout the course of the night (of which her bar tab and blood alcohol content later reflected), the worst part of this is that it is suspected she was incapacitated by a date rape drug. The investigators of the small town simply shoved the case under the rug, she was written off as a suicide attempt. Yet, the conductor of the locomotive that severed her legs from her body put her date of that night at the scene of the crime. The stories never matched up, and despite Mandy and her mother seeking answers and justice, the police ignored them. She was left with no other choice than to accept what had happened, forgive, and move on. She loved him, surely he couldn’t have been responsible for something so heinous… right?

In November of that year, the heavy equipment operator whom she was dating at the time of the incident, “accidentally,” parked his truck in a garage, closed the door and went for a long sleep. At least that’s what the coroner’s report claims. It has been eight years since, and Mandy still hasn’t seen a police report. 

An aspiring MMA fighter, mountain climber, actress, model, writer, and public speaker–Mandy’s resilient spirit has not said its last word. Mandy is near graduating with her bachelors in English. In her journey for answers on a spiritual front, she spent countless hours studying Christianity, the bible, and sociology. Mandy believes modern Christianity is nothing like Jesus wanted and that it is filled with narcissism. I agree. But I’m not turning my back on God, or these poor pew-warming souls, and I am certain Mandy isn’t going to turn her back on truth either.  

The journey to walk wasn’t without pain. After six years of trying various prosthetic sockets that would cause skin degradation and infections, Mandy swore them off. That is until Steve Chamberland, founder of 50 Legs, came into the picture in 2019. Within four days of her arrival at Prosthetic and Orthotics Association, she was up walking comfortably! 

Today, she is patiently waiting for a kick-ass documentary to be completed through post-production that follows her life journey and trek up Kilimanjaro in 2021—by crawling and being the first woman in the history of the world to do so. The documentary is directed by Edward John Drake, Founder of Good Complex Productions. Edward is most predominantly known for directing and producing titles such as AMERICAN SIEGE, APEX, BREACH BROIL, COSMIC SIN, and GASOLINE ALLEY, working alongside names like Bruce Willis, etc.   

Additionally, she’s training again; and this time she won’t tell anyone for what. Dancing around the question, the only response I can get is, “It will be my Everest. It’s not literally the mountain, but it will test me in every capacity you can imagine.”  

I just hope the teenage girl I helped this past year will never go through anything like this. I hope one day she reads Mandy’s story and realizes the dangers she exposed herself to. That she will learn before it’s too late. I know her parents intimately, her dad especially. He would give his life for her—just as Mandy’s parents would, I am sure.

Love on your children folks.

Source: Mandy Horvath

Photos: Mandy Horvath



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