All About Manos! The Website Has Launched

Check Out Our Funny Comedy Web Series Trailer and Website!


All About Manos, is a story about two women who have been friends since high school. They are searching to find their “mojo” in the “City of Angels” and through their desire to find out who they are they end up, together, forging ahead to find the answer “why am I here?”  It all started with one date back in high school in Jersey City, NJ, between Vic Manos and Geraldine Santini. In the eyes of Geraldine, the date never ended… twenty years later! She must convince “Vic” that she is the one for him no matter how she goes about doing it.

Take a journey with them making the impossible possible. This original series is about obsession to material addiction and all the neurotic things that come up in their travels.  Material things that you have to have at any cost to fill your soul. All roads lead to Vic Manos. Will they find the true meaning of life and love?

The creators/writers Catherine Natale and Eden Young also star in this series.  They have now launched their website, complete with trailer and outtakes.


They are gearing up to launch three episodes in the future and will embark on a crowdfunding campaign soon.

Catherine and Eden will also be on Question Reality LA Talk Radio channel 1 July 9 at 5:00 P.M.

Please take a peek at this new comedy.

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