Manotas: Another “Tail” from the Shelter

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This morning as I walked from my car to the animal shelter, I realized two things. One, is that I am the luckiest person alive to be living in this beautiful, oceanside city; because although the day started out chilly it slowly morphed into glorious warm sunshine and two, I had an inner feeling of joy just thinking about the sweet animals waiting for me at the shelter. They are so honest. They are happy to see me and are not embarrassed to show it.

Some of the animals are a little reticent. They came from places that didn’t offer them a gentle hand or a warm caress on their cheek.

Funny thing though, their joy is just waiting to be released and as soon as they realize that the volunteers are there to calm them down and offer acceptance and warm hugs, they are only too happy to return those blessings.

They harbor no malice and are as honest as babies. Once they trust you they turn into pure joyful spirits, and this is honestly what warms my soul as much as the southern California sun.

Our Manotas is still sitting in his pen awaiting a special kindred spirit who is able to see what this sweet boy’s eyes have difficulty perceiving.

As you know, Manotas has very little sight but what he does know is that he loves people. Maybe even more than a sighted dog, this little man with dim eyesight has the sweetest heart I have ever been witness to. Amazing, too, is what he showed me the other day.

I was preparing to walk him outside the front gate and down the Edison Access road when he sensed another person about 20 feet away. That person is one of Manotas’ favorite volunteers and he made a beeline for him!

My thought is that because his eyes aren’t as heightened as his other senses, he is more sensitive to stimulus that the eyes can’t see but the heart can feel.

I also noticed just how pretty he is; he honestly looks like a big, 24-pound teddy bear! So cuddly that it’s hard not to stop every few feet to kneel down and hug that sweet little man and that, my friends, is what he lives for.

We now have a sign on his pen proclaiming that he is a volunteer/shelter favorite—a dog so deserving of a great home that we all are hoping that is exactly what he finds.

And our Manotas has the most upbeat attitude. He is not depressed as many longtime shelter dogs sadly become. Instead he serves as an inspiration to all of us. His message is loud and clear. “Be happy, life is good–grab the joy out of every minute and don’t be afraid to show it.” We don’t have to be ‘perfect’ to be perfectly lovable.

If you have a little extra time, please visit him at the Newland Shelter in Huntington Beach–he will teach you some very important lessons about life.

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