The Meanderings of Two “Seenagers”


The fact is that between us, Burt and I have over 150 accumulated years.

Over that period of time we have been witness to many events. We watched as many world situations took place and saw both the best of people, and the not so good.

We both worked, earned livings, and raised families. Vacations were taken over those years, not with each other but with our respective mates, and even though those partners are no longer with us, we were blessed because we found each other in later years. And rather than deciding to settle into complacency, we chose to celebrate our “golden years” by exploring the world around us.

That exploration, dear friends, has been a complete joy. We have learned to savor each and every moment because although it has become a cliché, in reality, every second is a gift.

Over the years we have explored far and exotic places, traveled the world and then realized that some of the greatest treasures, in fact, were not too far from home!

Untitled 2
Trips to Europe were traded for day-long adventures to places pretty close to our home base of Southern California.

In fact, it is almost as if we are discovering the world for the very first time and seeing it through the eyes of two seasoned “seenagers” (e.g., senior citizens reverting to the childhood joy of first time discovery)!

We always enjoy sharing our discoveries by photo logging our forays. This comes easily to Burt who has been carrying a camera since childhood.

How much easier it is now in this new digital age because he can snap away to his heart’s content with no worry about “only having two shots left,” or having film left to use and wanting to see what was already immortalized by having the roll developed!

Our adventures range from driving to see the wild mustard fields that are unique to this area—as they were started by religious men walking a day’s distance from one area to another in order to begin building a new California Mission. They scattered the seed as they walked to become a road map of sorts to other travelers.

…to rediscovering the gorgeous El Dorado Nature Trail in Long Beach, California.

I am always amazed at the reaction of our friends when they tell us, “We didn’t even know that existed” followed by, “How did you hear about that?” The truth is that I have become a sort of investigative reporter. I look for interesting things to do and see in the newspaper, tacked up on telephone poles, on the radio, in store windows (we found a great 50s music revival in Downtown Orange taped to the window of one of the antique shops)!

Believe me, there are amazing things going on all around you. I guess it’s like so much else about life, just be open to wonder because there truly are wonderful happenings all around!

Yours till next time—your seenagers, and very young at heart friends,

Jackie and Burt