Megan Piphus shoots music video at Kentucky Equine Humane Center



Friday the 23rd of May, the horses at the Kentucky Equine Humane Center in Nicholasville, Kentucky, received some extra help. Musical Ventriloquist Megan Piphus visited the center to record a music video. Her puppets had to stay home for this occasion but that won’t make this project any less special. Megan, a horse enthusiast herself, is donating her time and skills for this project in order to bring more awareness to issues of neglect and abuse suffered by horses. The video once completed will appear on the center’s soon to be newly designed website and other promotional materials.

The young and upcoming star has previously appeared on shows such as America’s Got Talent, Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, and Opera. News Channel 18 of Lexington, Kentucky did not want to miss the opportunity to meet up with the singer at the rescue farm for an interview and promptly showcased it on the evening news.

The Center is currently home to about 47 horses of varying breeds and ages, awaiting good adoptive homes. With so many horses in daily need of care and training, work never stands still and the unexpected has to be expected. However, executive director Karen Gustin and her staff keep this extraordinary ship sailing smoothly. Their level of flexibility and willingness to work little bumps in the road into the day as if it was all planned that way, becomes apparent even when it came time to welcome the news reporter and celebrity Megan Piphus. One of the horses developed soreness in his feet. As a precaution a veterinarian from a Lexington equine hospital was called to take x-rays. While the patient was expertly taken care of Ms. Gustin explained the mission and workings of the organization to Megan. Meanwhile, the talented videographer accompanying the singer took the time to film some of the medical treatment and may even work a few shots into the music video.


Joey, a small horse who recently had to have one of his eyes removed, was chosen as the main star of the music video. Joey is a good example of the important work the Kentucky Equine Humane Center does. He came to the center neglected, ill, and injured. Given good medical care and attention, he regained his strength and is now in good health. His charm and lovely attitude is undeniable and has star potential for sure.

Action shots of a group of running horses were taken as well. The center is a spacious place with lots of large green pastures for horses to romp around on. Although well respected in the community as a quality organization, the Equine Humane Center is, like so many organizations, facing constant financial challenges to keep up with the rising cost of such a large scale operation. The generosity of individuals like Megan Piphus is very much appreciated and helps a great deal in keeping the horses in the minds and hearts of those who care.