Men’s Spring 2020 Wardrobe Trends

Last time, we talked about the trends for women that we’ll see this spring. Now, it’s time to talk about men’s spring wardrobe trends. If you’re ready to start rocking the looks that say, “Warmer days are on their way,” then you’ll want to take a look at the 2020 men’s spring wardrobe trends. 


What’s better than a couple of pockets? Lots of pockets. The more pockets the better – and not just in terms of having room to stash items. We’re seeing lots of utility pieces — mainly jackets — coming down the runway this season. Not only is a good utility jacket a fashion statement, it’s a practical wardrobe piece.

Open Collars

Open collars are another fashion trend seen on the streets and runways. Men are leaving their collars open for the warmer weather. In informal settings, they’re even leaving their shirts open. Expect to see more of this as we move from spring into summer, but in the Midwest, it’s probably best to reserve the open shirts for time at the lake. 

Boat Shoes & Thick Soles

Thick soles are another men’s spring trend — especially when it comes to boat shoes with thick soles. To really make great use of this trend, go for a streamlined and tailored look and pair it with the thick-soled boat shoes. If you’re using thick-soled sneakers as your statement piece, keep well-fitting pants on your bottom half and try putting those with a denim jacket and t-shirt to finish it off and still look polished. 

Pastels – Especially Pinks

Yes, you read that right. Pink is hot for menswear right now. While some of the pink suits coming down the runway may a bit much, a pink button up shirt will make a fashionable statement at the office, particularly when paired with navy or grey and a complimentary tie. 

Denim on Top and Bottom

It’s back — the denim “suit.” Denim on top and bottom is making its way back to the runway and the real way for menswear. To avoid looking like you stepped out of 1998, however, it’s best to switch it up. Choose a brown denim jacket paired with indigo jeans or a chambray shirt in a contrasting color to your jeans. 

Bold Prints

Bold prints are a hot spring 2020 trend for women, and it’s no different for menswear. From tropical prints to tie dye, this trend is bringing bright colors to the streets. While runway looks have models in brightly colored tops and bottoms, pairing a bold print shirt with dark jeans will be perfect for the Midwest’s spring fashions.


The classic pinstripe suit is back. This season’s pinstripes are wide-set and are in bold colors. If you’re going to veer from the traditional navy, gray, or black, that’s great! Just be sure you balance it. While a forest green pinstripe suit may be too much for a business setting in Chicago, the blazer paired with khakis and a fresh polo are perfect for a more cut-loose evening.


Finally, layering is a huge trend for spring 2020 – especially if you’re using different tones of the same hue. Look sharp by choosing a denim jacket over a sky-blue hoodie with a navy blue overcoat. This is perhaps one of the spring trends Midwesterners were made for — after all, if the weather changes from cold to warm, it’s easy enough to adjust. 

What’s your favorite 2020 spring menswear trend? Share in our comments section.