Mercato Della Pescheria — Italian at the Venetian

MERCATO DELLA PESCHERIA, a fantastic restaurant in the Venetian/Palazzo shopping area, comes straight from Venice. On the St. Mark’s Square at the Venetian Casino, Mercato Della Pescheria serves extraordinary Italian seafood. Truly an authentic Italian atmosphere with both inside and outside dining in the square, the large place will be your go-to eatery when you are in Las Vegas 

With fresh fish to pick from on a bed of ice, to the best wines and spirits, and decadent desserts that beckon to your taste buds—serving Italian beers and Bellinis to try before you select your dinner. The homemade Tiramisu is only made three orders at a time, so it is perfectly fresh. Every half hour there is entertainment in the square which you can hear from your table.  

Take a leisurely stroll throughout the shops, and watch the gondoliers as they move effortlessly along the canals built among them. Their voices carry all around. Hours are 11-9:30 daily. 702-837-0309…… Please visit.