Mind Is Free

“Walk the Turtle” 12/26/2016


Take a step back and look at the big picture, this perspective will build the integrity of self-discipline required to face all fears and challenges we endure in this life.

To become completely honest with yourself and realize the denials we have placed ourselves in is an awakening to comprehensions of our past expectations.

A unique pathway is unveiled upon our journey, behold the testimonials held deep inside our soul, it is a transformation process for us rise above all temptations.

The power to conquer any burden is found inside our hearts, love and compassion will always reveal the truth about ourselves, be fearless to make the right choice.

Humble we become as time moves on, we begin to hear the prayers of those that care, we will understand the things we cannot explain, we will be a guiding light.

Eternal is our spirit, the wisdom carried inside the soul allows each of us the free will to grow into our purpose, as we also work toward a fulfillment of our destiny.

Walk the turtle with an open mind and a devotion to preserve the peace felt inside yourself, contentment of grace is present when your conscious mind is free.