Mobbed Up — Part 7: “Hole in the Wall”

This is episode 7 produced by the Las Vegas Review Journal and The Mob Museum in downtown Las Vegas.  

The series has been very informative about the history of how Chicago and Las Vegas tied into each other.  Frank is till alive and lives in Las Vegas.  He and Spilotro are featured throughout the whole Mob Museum, and Spilotro has all of his books there for sale in the gift shop.

‘Mobbed Up — Part 7: “Hole in the Wall” ’

Part 7 of “Mobbed Up” follows Frank Cullotta from Chicago to Las Vegas, where he serves as a trusted lieutenant of Tony Spilotro.

The episode takes listeners through the late 1970s into the early 1980s, ending with the scene of the planned burglary at Bertha’s.