Murder Mysteries Galore… in Vegas!

Murder Mystery March 14!

Mystery At The Earthquake Saloon is an Old West Who Done It! This interactive Musical Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre performance features a wonderful BBQ meal intertwined with devilishly fun entertainment. From the moment you arrive, you are greeted by the quirky cast of characters who will take you on a journey of intrigue, mystery, mayhem, and FUN!

We invite you to be as interactive with us as you’d like. The more you play with us, the more fun you will have. Each table becomes an investigative team and throughout the night you will work together to come up with questions to ask the suspects so you can solve the case and be the winning team! Prizes will be awarded to the winning team(s). We also give a prize to the team that comes up with the most creative Team Name. You can even wear your favorite western clothing.

Journey back to the Old West … Guests are all town folk who have gathered for the wedding of Rattlesnake Dick (the town CAD) and Bethany Sanders (the Mail Order Bride). Not everyone is happy about this union and Moonshine isn’t the only thing hitting the pavement tonight! Join this zany cast of characters for a night of Mystery, Mayhem, Music, Good Food & FUN!  

This is Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre at its finest!  Jay Joseph, the producer and of course one of the actors, has performed hundreds of shows including many on cruise ships.  This is a fun and zany night out and at a real Old West venue.  Call 702-497-7936 for reservations.  $38 per person.

Murder Mystery March 13!

A Touch of Mystery is perfect for Corporate Events, Team Building, Fundraisers, Private Parties, Reunions, Casino Special Events, and VIP Player Entertainment because they are interactive and a lot of fun. Therefore, they give guests an opportunity to meet and work together to solve the case! Besides being filled with intrigue, mystery and mayhem, our stories can be customized for any event. From the moment they arrive, guests are greeted by a quirky cast of characters who take them on a journey they will remember for days to come. Most importantly, they will laugh the night away. This is a slice of devilishly fun entertainment!

You are all members of the Weekender Club…

Two years ago your club was disbanded when one of the members was found dead at your last gathering in Aspen.  You just received an anonymous invitation to attend a Masquerade Reunion in her honor on Friday the 14th for St. Patricks Day.  The Aspen Police Department also received an invitation, along with a note that her death was indeed Murder and the TRUTH is about to be revealed at the Reunion!  Who sent the invitation? Who is hiding the truth?  This is one hilarious Musical Murder Mystery.   Food and Drink by donation for this event.