“My Harley Quinn” © “For Valentine”

 “My Harley Quinn” ©

“For Valentine”

by Florida Night Train


She is no bougie diva but sure can master playing the part. She laughs at meaningless peddlers of flesh, silicone, and botox. Class and elegance are her most lethal weapons. We are each other’s lifeline of inspiration. She is part of my soul, the part that tells my ego to shut up and choke. If she needed my blood I would slice my wrist for her survival. She would do the same for me. I am her clumsy beast. She is my beauty. My Harley Quinn.  

She seizes my imagination. I breathe again just looking at her. I see her. She is my symphony, my “Moonlight Sonata”. I hear her. She is the one that gives me the strength to let her go peacefully, even if she were to not love me back. It’s okay. She is connected to the living Creator. We hear Him through each other. Rain or shine, we can dance. We are as close to heaven, angels, and God Himself when we are next to each other. Ten thousand dates don’t come close to being with her. Time and space are insignificant to our bond. We are each other’s madness and each other’s wisdom. She is my fire. She is my water. She is the oxygen in my air. She is ruthless. She is fierce. She is also the sweetest heart. What else about her brings life to the alpha protector in me? Her virtues, self-respect, self-control, manners, listening skills, kindness, confidence, and solid healthy boundaries to name a few. She has no need to advertise herself. We feel purpose protecting and guarding our bond. I am safe with her. She is safe with me.  

I have silently called her for a lifetime. I looked for her through a maze of souls. I thought they were her only to find they were all part of my journey towards her. I bless these souls for what they shared with me leading me to her. She is my tower to climb. She is my mountain to conquer. She is my “Daenerys Stormborn” and dragon master. Demons fear her. They whisper to me, “Surely she will abandon you and crush your heart”. They know that even if she were to abandon me, I would still thrive. I am my own and she knows it. She is her own and I know it. I “cleaned my room” as Dr. Peterson would prescribe, and I keep it clean! We put our worth in the depth of our awareness. Not in the visible. 

She is my muse and I her warrior. She kicks my ass when I need it. I have her back, and she trusts that when I call her BS it is because I love her. We answer to one King. We are not superior or inferior to each other or to anyone else. We are by each other’s side. We are not in competition, we conquer together. We build each other up—we lift each other up. Her beauty is so blinding my soul feels the fingerprints of divinity within her. My inspiration for her fuels my heart with purpose. She is my mountain. She is my tower. She is my crazy. She is my peace. She is my kryptonite. She is happy with a wedding band, not a diamond in the world nor a castle her concern. She wants the diamonds of my heart—the rough, the impure, and the clearest ones all together. She fearlessly smiles at my scars. She points toward wars I won rather than reminding me of battles I lost getting here. She makes me want to bear all her wounds. We are resilient. We create life and pleasures of life for those around us by serving them as well as each other. We forgive and we inspire to forgive. We do not judge. All are safe with her. She is self-aware. Together we are far less toxic than the multitude of self-proclaimed saints. We seek knowledge together. We relentlessly pursue growth. We see beauty where most fail to. We don’t need to numb our pain, we embrace what it wants to teach us. Hurricane? No problem, I will stand by her side and cover her. I will take her through the highest winds and storms to see her smile so angels can hear her laughter. I fear not her weakest moments. I stand by her shielding her from demonic arrows of the most evil kind. We don’t listen to “respond” to each other. We patiently listen to “understand” each other. We own our mistakes, deal with them, and leave them in the past. We make no excuses. She is the one I call in my darkest hours. I am the one she calls in her most vulnerable times.

“So who is your Harley Quinn?” you will say. Well, that’s a good question. I don’t know, not sure. I wonder. Maybe I’m looking at her and I can’t see her. Maybe she is next to me and does not yet see me. Maybe she does and is waiting for me to see her? Maybe I met her and lost her? Maybe I met her and she lost me? Maybe we’re just both in different countries or space and about to cross paths? Either way, I’m good with whatever. If she, however, happens to read this… know dear one that I am here standing by and I wish you the most amazing valentine. I am thankful for you and how you have inspired my dreams. I’m fine with or without you, you are fine with or without me and that is beautiful! Bottom-line here is, hurry up so we can freaking ride this life without ever looking back!


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Photos: 323 Photography Studio courtesy of Florida Night Train

Models: Krista Grotte Saxon on Youtube: “polestuntinwithkrista” and Florida Night Train